We create startups!

Burda Bootcamp is a startup lab by Hubert Burda Media, one of the largest media companies in Europe. German and international students and young professionals have the opportunity to develop their startup idea from scratch in a multi-disciplinary team and bring it to market within two months.

You will work full-time in a cool coworking space in Munich. We will provide you with mentoring from Burda professionals as well as our partner network. We will guide you through the process during which you will be developing ideas, doing user research, creating prototypes and testing them. You will learn how to create a business concept and finally bring your ideas to market and test them with real users.

At the end of the programme, you will have founded your startup and brought your MVP to market.

On top of that you will gain powerful skills, get to know Burda from the inside and visit Burda companies like Playboy, Focus Online, Cliqz and Chip.

Who can apply

We have multiple batches a year and accept a limited number of applicants for each batch. All participants will have complementary skillsets and backgrounds.


We are looking for people eager to go the extra mile - who want to make an impact. We expect you to be a "learning animal" immediately translating your skills into real-world products which address existing pains.


You need to have one or more of the following qualifications: web development, app development, UX/UI, data science, hardware development, business and entrepreneurship, marketing or media. We accept students and young professionals.


You want to found a startup and want us to help you with the right tools, people and network. You use the Bootcamp as a launchpad to get started and get access to business angels and accelerator programmes.

What we created



Fitness and health blog for pregnant women and young mothers




Create your customized travel blog together with your friends


What participants say

Jascha Quintern


Teamspirit and building radical solutions with cutting edge technology was the most added value of the bootcamp.

Matthias Dworak


I have started to work with HTML/CSS and could contribute to the project along with our coder.

Felix Geiser


I have learned how to motivate and lead the team going through good and tough times.

Uli Drömann


This was an intensive project! I gained a lot of insights into design thinking, rapid prototyping and group dynamics.

Tim Dettmers

Data Science

I have learned a lot at the Burda Bootcamp and had a great team!

Corinna List


Bootcamp is a place where I learned how to develop ideas in no time and how much fun it can be to work in a team

What you get

Here's an overview of benefits for our participants:

Access to Network

Mentoring & Support

Coworking Space

Rapid Prototyping

Learning Environment

Test Equipment

Reach & Visibility

Play Zone

Our Mentors

Marc Al-Hames

Geschäftsführer, Cliqz

Jean-Paul Schmetz

Geschäftsführer, Cliqz

Oliver Eckert

CEO, Burda Forward

Timm Richter

CTO, Xing

Andre Möllersmann

Director Brand Licensing bei Hubert Burda Media

Anja Deeg

Project Manager Content Marketing & Sales at DLD Media

Joachim Kuban

Program Manager Big Data, Valiton

Jens Engelmann

Director Business Development, Hubert Burda Media

Bhavna Kochar

Project Manager - Corporate Business Development, Hubert Burda

Maximilian Gaub

Content Strategist

Patrick Seidler

Strategic Project Manager, Hubert Burda Media

Richard Weber

Product Manager, Cliqz

Previous batches


Our first batch created products with a strong focus on data analysis and statistics.


Batch 2 focused on fashion and ecommerce concepts as well as B2B solutions.


Batch 3 developed ideas and products around hardware, personal fitness and travel.


We built four startups around travel, food, jobs and social together with Burda School of Journalism.

The Bootcamp Team

Natalia Karbasova

Founder & Head of Bootcamp

Natalia is an expert for product strategy & marketing. She attended the Burda School of Journalism and is a hackathon enthusiast.

Patrick Müller

Tech Lead

Patrick is an expert for rapid prototyping, software architectur and getting things done. He also organises tech events with Hackerstolz e.V.

Conrad Schlenkhoff

Business & Finance

Conrad is an entrepreneurial enthusiast and expert for ideation, market research and business modeling.

Nima Memari Fard

Business & Sales

Nima is an expert for project coordination, team leading and sales. He loves hands-on tasks & is a great communicator.

Katrin Büttner

Project Manager

Katrin is an expert for project management. She gained start-up experience as a co-founder of BioVelo and loves photography and travelling.


Get informed about upcoming application deadlines, batches and events.

Our Network

The Burda Bootcamp is part of Burda Studios which belongs to Hubert Burda Media

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